It's been nearly a year since I updated my personal website, but graduation freed up a lot of time for me so I figured I would get back to writing. I also wanted to get back into web dev a little bit. I read about Svelte(Kit) and thought it sounded neat, so I found an open-source repo and got to work making it my own (see About). Of course, I am by no means a Svelte expert yet, but I hope to learn more incrementally as I need it. So far I have found it to be rather refreshing and simpler than anything I have done in the past. Honestly, the simpler the better for me when it comes to web dev!

Todos/Technical things I hope to include eventually (may be updated):

  • Svelte icons
  • use .mdsvex format
  • learn and use TailwindCSS

Is it a bit overkill to learn a whole new framework for what will be (more or less) a static website? Probably. But it might also be fun!

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